One Jamaat One Ameer – The Organization of a Muslim Community in The Age of Fitan

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A Khilāfah State is one in which Allah’s sovereignty is recognized, and in which rule and governance is based on divinely-revealed truth. This is Ākhir al-Zamān in which, by divine decree, no where on earth can a Khilāfah State be restored. In this respect, at least, Muslims have now returned to the pre-Hijri stage of their history; and while the goal is to travel as a community from Makkah to Madīna one more time, they face a predicament. The very essence of the model of Madīna is that they must be organized as a Jama‘ah with an Ameer/Imām who must be obeyed as a religious obligation. But that single Jama‘ah which embraces all Muslims does not yet exist, and all efforts to restore it have so far failed. What, then, should Muslims around the world do? That is the predicament!
This book attempts to address that subject, and to offer guidance with which Muslims can respond to that predicament.

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