The Qur’an and The Moon

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Allah Most High declared (al-Māidah, 5:48) that he sent to each community a Shari’ah, or sacred law, and a Minhāj, or path for spiritual travel. This book explains the role of monthly recitation of the Qur’ān as the Minhāj for the Ummah of Nabī Muhammad. No one can travel spiritually unless and until he travels through sacred time. This book explains that the moon is located at the heart of the sacred system of time. When believers abandon the moon and, instead, live with the secular system of time which has come from Dajjāl’s western civilization, they pay the price of perceiving time moving faster and yet faster. The Prophet prophesied that a whole year would pass like a month, etc. The Qur’ān the Moon was written to direct Muslims to the role of the correct monthly recitation of the Qur’ān for healing hearts of the virus of fast-moving time. Allah Most High has ordered that the Qur’ān be recited the way that He recited it (al-Qiyāmah, 75:17-18). He recited a Juz of the Qur’ān to the blessed Prophet, through the medium of Angel Gabriel, every night of Ramadān. Since
Allah has already separated the Qur’ān into parts (alIsra’,17:106), and has strictly prohibited breaking a Sūrah into parts (al-Hijr, 15:89-93), it follows that the first Juz to be recited every lunar month, is al-Fātiha followed by the whole of alBaqarah; the second the whole of Āle ‘Imrān, etc.

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