The Messiah, The Qur’an and Akhir Al-Zaman

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The Qur’an has prophesied (Ale-‘Imran, 3: 199) that there would be Jews and Christians who would eventually accept the Qur’an as the Word of the One God, and hence accept Muhammad (SAW) as His Messenger, and yet retain their identity as Ahl al-Kitab:

… and, behold, among the Ahl al-Ki tab, i.e., Christians and Jews, there would be those who truly believe in Allah, and in that which was sent down to you (i.e., the Qur’an which was sent down to the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as well as in the Torah and Gospel that was sent down to them. Standing in awe of Allah, they do not betray the Allah’s revelations for a trifling gain. They shall have their reward with their Lord-God – for, behold, Allah is swift in reckoning!

We are convinced that no believing Christian with an uncorrupted mind and heart can possibly read this book to the end and not be convinced, despite all the relentless western propaganda to the contrary, that the Qur’an is, indeed, the revealed Word of the One God, and that Muhammad (peace be on him) is, indeed, a true Prophet of that One God. It is certainly not our purpose to cajole such Christians to become followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW); rather, all that we seek is that they recognize and accept the Truth, that “your God, and our God, is One God.

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